International Forum of Conscious Country Life


October 16-18 2015: The 1st International Forum of Conscious Country Life. Organizer of the event: Green Event Agency.

The goal of the Forum is to contribute to the development of country life projects, establish cooperation with business organizations and public authorities as well as increase the attractiveness of suburban life for the Russian population.

Program includes:

  • Exchange of experiences;
  • The study of the best practices of country projects in terms of entrepreneurship;
  • Demonstration of achievements and implementation of products and commodities of topic-based businesses;
  • Identification of efficient social models of country life;
  • Research innovative solutions in farming and implement them in everyday life.

The event will be attended by the heads of regional and local authorities, representatives of Russian and foreign eco-villages, apartment hotels, freelance hotels, yoga centers, retreat centers and other forms of country life, foreign and Russian experts on economic, environmental and social affairs on the effective organization of rural life, as well as successful eco entrepreneurs.

Roundtables on different topics such as:

  • The functioning of the Union of eco-villages and initiatives in Russia as a basis for lobbying the common interests;
  • Approaches to the promotion of migration of people from cities to countryside for a conscious and environmentally friendly life;
  • The influence of social climate such as psychological comfort and satisfaction level with life on residents within the settlements;

More than 30 experts will share their knowledge and experience on how to:

  • increase the attractiveness of a settlement for new residents;
  • attract investments and financing for a business project and build up a business efficiently;
  • receive government subsidies;
  • improve the microclimate inside a settlement;
  • improve environmental friendliness and efficiency of farming by implementing innovations, advanced technologies and equipment.

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